DHRTC Technology Conference 2017

Date and time

Tuesday November 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM to Wednesday November 15, 2017 at 4:00 PM

Registration deadline

Wednesday November 8, 2017 at 11:55 PM


Comwell Kolding
Skovbrynet 1
6000 Kolding


Centre for Oil and Gas

DHRTC Technology Conference 2017

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The 14th and 15th of November, Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre hosts its second Technology Conference.

We look forward to open up the doors to two days of technical and scientific presentations, debate and dialogue on how to collaborate on research and innovation. All to find the best solutions for an increased recovery of oil and gas in the Danish North Sea.

On this site you can sign up for the entire conference or parts of it.

See you in Kolding.

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Please note that you must pay the full price amount if you cancel your registration after October 16th up to November 14th 2017.

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Event Location

Attendee list

Name Title Company/Organization
Abhijeet yadav Mr DTU - MEK
Adeel Sohal Dr. Aalborg University
Adriana Zsurzsan Technical Manager DTU
Ajit Rao Mr. DTU
Alberto Scoma Postdoc Aarhus University
Alexander Calvert Dr. Maersk Oil
Alexander Shapiro Associate professor DTU KT
Ali Eftekhari Dr. Technical University of Denmark
Amit Singh Mr Maersk Olie og Gas A/S
Anar Ismayilov Wells Engineering Manager Maersk Oil and Gas
Anders Bak-Jensen Programme Manager DHRTC
Anders Dahlin Mr. Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University
Anders Nymark Christensen Assistant Professor DTU Compute
Andreas Peter Rafn Master Student DTU - MEK
Andreas Proschowsky Research Assistant DTU MEK
Andreas Skifter Madsen Mr. Geologisk Institut Aarhus Universitet
Andrew Hoover Mr. Maersk Oil
Anette Riis Stakeholder Comm. Officer DHRTC
Anette Uldall Senior lead Geophysicist Mærsk Oil
Ann-Britt Beck Student Worker DHRTC
Anne Lysgaard Data Manager DHRTC
Annette Eva Jensen Lab technician DHRTC
Arifian Agusta Mr DTU Byg
Asbjørn Andersen Specialist in corrosion and metallurgy FORCE Technology
Aslak Stubsgaard Research assistant DHRTC
Aslaug Glad Mrs. DHRTC
Assaf Mar - Or Dr. Shell Global Solutions International B.V.
Aurelien Meyer Postdoc University of Copenhagen
Aurelija Steffensen Production technologist Schlumberger
Bence Vizi Mr. Aalborg Universitet Esbjerg
Birgitte D Larsen Geologist DHRTC
Bo Cerup-Simonsen Centre Director DHRTC
Bodil Wesenberg Lauridsen Assistant professor Statens Naturhistoriske Museum, Københavns Universitet
Bruna Nabuco PhD student DTU BYG
Camilla Noe-Nygaard Administrativ Assistant DHRTC
Camilla Würtzen Student assistant DHRTC
Carsten M. Nielsen Senior Reservoir engineer GEUS
Casper Nyhuus Self-Healing cement project Aarhus Universitet
Cejna Anna Quist-Jensen Assistant Professor Aalborg University
Charlotte Laurentzius Programme Manager DHRTC
Christian Bjerrum Associate Professor IGN,KU
Christian Knudsen Senior Geologist GEUS
Claus Myllerup Commercialization Director DHRTC
Claus Rasmussen IT Tech DHRTC
Cosmin Florin Avasalcai Research Assistant DTU Compute
Dana Østergaard Project Coordinator DHRTC
Dan Olsen Senior petrophysicist GEUS
Dennis Severin Hansen Mr. AAU Esbjerg Energy
Diego Sandoval Postdoc DTU Kemi
Dmytro Mihrin PhD student DHRTC
Dorthe Degn PA DHRTC
Dorthe Juul Kann Project Leader WellPerform
Duncan Paterson Mr DTU
Einar Madsen Storebø Mr DTU
Elena Pachkova Head of Administration DHRTC
Emma Haxen Research Assistant IGN - UCPH
Erica Dos Santos Godinho Mrs. Aalborg University
Erik Bek-Pedersen Programme Manager DHRTC
Erik Damgaard Christensen Professor, Head of Section DTU-MEK
Erik Sogaard professor Aalborg University
Evangelos Katsanos Assistant Professor DTU - BYG
Eyal Levenberg Associate Professor DTU Byg
Filippo Borroni Mr. Aalborg University
Finlay Bertram Technology & Innovation Portfolio Manager Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S
Finn Engstrøm Senior Principal Petrophysicist Maersk Oil
Finn Mørk Mr GEUS
Florian Smit PhD student DHRTC
Frederic Amour Dr DHRTC
Frida Franic Ms. Aalborg University
Gabriel Zsurzsan PhD Technical University of Denmark
Giacomo Montagner Research Assistant DTU Mekanik
Goran Goranovic Senior researcher DTU Compute
Gülnur Dogan Department of Geoscience Århus Universitet
Hadise Baghooee PhD Student DHRTC
Hamed Sanei Professor & Mærsk Research Chair Aarhus University, Department of Geoscience
Hamid Nick Senior Researcher DHRTC
Hanne Dahl Holsmlykke Researcher GEUS
Hans-Henrik Hørmann Nielsen Sr. Well Integrity Engineer Maersk Oil
Hans-Henrik Kogsbøll Production Technology Lead Maersk Oil
Hans Jørgen Riber Head of BD. LICengineering
Hans Lorentzen Laborant GEUS
Helle Baumann Secretary DHRTC
Hemin Yuan Postdoc University of Copenhagen
Henning Hartmann Programme Manager DHRTC
Henriette Casper Jensen Lab technician trainee Aalborg University
Henrik Horn-Møller Senior consultant DHRTC
Henrik Olsen Senior Principal Reservoir Engineer Maersk Oil
Henrik Sørensen R&D Manager & Senior Principal Consultant Calsep A/S
Henrik Tirsgaard Head of Technology & Innovation Mærsk Olie & Gas
Heru Danardatu Mr. Maersk Oil
Ida Lykke Fabricius Professor DTU BYG
Ieva Paegle Postdoc DHRTC
Ingelise Schmidt Technlogy and Innovation Manager Maersk Oil
Ivanka Orozova-Bekkevold Senior Scientist DTU BYG
Jacquelin Cobos PhD. Student Aalborg University, Esbjerg
Jakob Mølholm Team Lead / Specialist - Corrosion and Metallurgy, Esbjerg Force Technology
Jakob Roued Mr. Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University
Jan-Kristian Elholt Solution Manager, Well Intervention Services Welltec Oilfield Services
Janina Kammann P.hD Student University of Copenhagen
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen Head of Section Aalborg University
Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen Head of Esbjerg Energy Section Aalborg Universitet
Jens Vinge Associate Professor Aarhus University
Jeppe Regel GEO GEO
Jerome Bellini Project Coodinator DHRTC
Jesper Arvedlund Hollensen Technician DHRTC
Jesper Holst Project Manager DHRTC
Jesper Sören Dramsch Herr DHRTC
Jiasheng Hao PhD student DHRTC
Jing Wu Dr. Technical University of Denmark
Johannes Franz Dr. Aarhus University
Johannes Horikx Mr DHRTC
John Bagterp Jørgensen Associate Professor DTU Compute
John Dalsgaard Sørensen Professor Aalborg University
Johnny Bårdsen Sales Director WCS Scandinavia Welltec
John Pedersen Institutleder AAU Energi Teknik
John Zuta Head of laboratory IRIS- International Research Institute of Stavanger
Jonas Sundberg Postdoc DHRTC
Jon Ineson Mr GEUS
Jose Martinez-Val Maersk Oil and Gas Maersk Oil and Gas
Julie Lynggaard PhD student Technical University of Denmark
Julie Nielsen Miss Copenhagen University
Jørgen F. Gross-Petersen Adviser DHRTC
Karen Feilberg Senior Researcher DHRTC
Karen Guldbæk Schmdit Data Analysis Consultant DHRTC
Karin Petersen Laboratory Manager DHRTC
Karsten Sogaard Jensen Mechanical Engineer Maersk Oil
Kasper Bundgaard Steffensen Mr. Aalborg University
Kasper Høj Blinkenberg Ph.D Student University of Copenhagen
Kasper Jepsen Mr. AAU Esbjerg Energy
kaziwa Mohammadi Ms Department of Geoscience Aarhus university
Kenneth Andersen Mr Maersk Oil
Kenni Dinesen Petersen Dr. Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University
Kenny Krogh Nielsen Senior Principal Consultant Lloyd's Register
Ken Wesnæs Subsurface Manager Shell
Kim Kristiansen Research Assistant DTU Mekanik
Kitt Ravnkilde Programme Manager DHRTC
Klaus Truelsen Senior Metallurgist Maersk Oil & Gas
Knud Dideriksen Associate Professor Dept of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen
Konstantinos Sapounas Mr. Aalborg University
Kristine Wille Hilstrøm Process and Facilities Consultant DHRTC
Kristoffer Poulsen Project Leader Københavns Universitet
Kristoffer Sigsgaard Research assistant DTU Mek
Larry Lake Professor Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering The University of Texas
Lars Guldager Dyhr Managing Director Dyhr Media & Forlaget Guldager
Lars Magnusson Leader Oil & Gas Denmark Emerson
Lars Seidler Subsurface Geoscience Technology Manager Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S
Lars Simonsen R&D Director DHRTC
Lasse Gregersen Mr. Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University
Lasse Nygaard Eriksen Mr. Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University
Lasse Prins PhD Student Aarhus Universitet
Lee Hodder VP Denmark Shell Oil and Gas
Leif H. Blidegn Consultant HH Consult
Leif Hansen Mr. AAU Esbjerg Energy
Lena Lundgren Sales Manager Emerson
Lene Ejlersen Production Chemist Maersk Oil
Lene Hjelm Poulsen Programme Manager DHRTC
Louise Ponsaing Lauridsen Miss GEUS
Lykourgos Sigalas Mr Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Mads Engberg Willumsen Head of Department GEUS
Mads Valentin Bram Mr. AAU Esbjerg Energy
Maiya Medetbekova Miss DHRTC
Marco Maschietti Associate Professor Aalborg University
Marcos Zan Nieto Mr. Aalborg University
Margrethe Thorup Nielsen postdoc GEUS
Marius Glintvad Tarpø Ph.D Aarhus universitet
Mark Bentley Training Director AGR TRACS International Ltd
Martin Næsby Managing Director Olie Gas Danmark
Mathias Kjeldahl Jørgensen Student Aalborg Universitet
Mathias Torsson DHRTC DHRTC
Mattia Tagliavento Ph.D Student University of Copenhagen
Max la Cour Christensen PostDoc DHRTC
Merete Vadla Madland Professor The National IOR Centre of Norway, UiS
Mette Fürstnow Reservoir Engineering, Business Development Manager Welltec
Mette Hedegaard Thomsen Ass. Professor Aalborg University
Mette Olivarius Researcher GEUS
Michael Faber Nielsen Professor Aalborg Universitet
Michael Pitts Lead Prod Tech Maersk Oil
Michael Welch Dr DHRTC
Mikael Lüthje Dr. DHRTC
Mikkel Tranemose Christensen Data Manager DHRTC
Ming Li Postdoc DHRTC
Mirhossein Taheriotaghsara PhD student DHRTC
Miriam Jager Lykke Reservoir Engineer Shell
Moein Jahanbani Veshareh Research assistant DHRTC
Mohsen Rezaei Dr. Danish Technical University_MEK
Mona Wetrhus Minde PhD candidate The National IOR Centre of Norway
Morten Aagesen Partner RiskyDecisions
Morten Bjerager Mr. GEUS
Morten Haastrup Postdoc Aarhus University Dept of Engineering
Morten Jeppesen Programme Director DHRTC
Morten Leth Hjuler Researcher GEUS
Morten Lind Professor, Senior Researcher DTU-Elektro
Muhammad Waseem Arshad Postdoc CERE, DTU Chemical Engineering
Nicklas Christensen Mr Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University
Nicolas Bovet Dr. University of Copenhagen
Nicolas von Solms Assoc. Prof. DTU
Niels Schovsbo Senior Researcher GEUS
Nikolai Andrianov Post. Doc DHRTC
Nikolaos Montesantos Mr Aalborg University
Nina Hoegh Jensen Production Operations Excellence manager Maersk Oil
Ole Balling Docent Aarhus University Dept of Engineering
Ole Rønø Clausen Associate professor Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University
Paloma Alvarez Reservoir Engineer DHRTC
Patrick Corbett BG Group Professor Heriot Watt University
Patrick Gilly Managing Director Maersk Oil
Paulina Janusz Ms Institut for Geoscience, Aarhus Universitet
Paulius Krebsas Mr. Aalborg University
Pernille Josephine Raahauge Project Manager & Technical Advisor DHRTC
Peter Bjerrum Master Student DTU - MEK
Peter Britze Chief Consultant GEUS
Peter Christensen Production Chemistry Lead Mærsk Olie og Gas A/S
Peter Frykman Senior research geologist GEUS
Petter Lomsøy PhD Student DTU
Philip Fosbøl Assoc. Prof. DTU
Phil Smith Critical Team Performance Maersk Oil and Gas
Pieter Oudshoorn Mr Department of Geoscience, Aarhus University
Rajan Ambat Professor DTU
Ramin Haftbaradaran Mr Maersk OIl&Gas
Rasmus Larsen Provost DTU
Rasmus Rasmussen Geophysicist GEUS
Reidar Inge Korsnes Chief Engineer The National IOR Centre of Norway / UiS
Riccardo Rizzo Mr DTU - MEK
Roelien Broos Team Lead Shell Global Solutions International
Rudi Nielsen Associate Professor Aalborg University
Rune Brincker Professor Dtu - BYG
Saeed Salimzdeh Postdoc DHRTC
Saleh Zouelm Research Assistant DTU Mek
Samira Mohammadkhani Ph.D Student DTU - KT
Sandro Amador Mr. BYG DTU
Sebastian Glavind PhD DHRTC
Shaobao Li Dr AAU Esbjerg Energy
Shivangi Gupta Research Assistant Technical University of Denmark
Sian Jones Dr DHRTC
Sidsel Marie Nielsen Senior researcher DHRTC
Simona Miraglia Assistant Professor Aalborg University Civil Engineering
Simon Andersen DHRTC DHRTC
Simon Pedersen Dr. AAU Esbjerg Energy
Simon Tull Dr Maersk Oil & Gas
Sofie Nitsche Gottfredsen PhD student DHRTC
Solomon Seyum Postdoctoral researcher DHRTC
Steen Hørsholt ? DTU
Stefan Jespersen Mr. AAU Esbjerg Energy
Stefano Tagliaferri PhD DHRTC
Stuart Leigh Bronson Head of Procurement and Supply Chain, Maersk Oil
Sverre Smemo General Manager Emerson
Søren B. Nielsen Professor Aarhus University
Søren Dollerup Nielsen PhD Student Aarhus University
Søren Frederiksen Production Manager Nordsøfonden
Tala Maria Aabø Research Assistant DHRTC
Teddy Fuzeau Mr Maersk Oil
Teeratorn Kadeethum Mr. DHRTC
Teresa Regueira Postdoc CERE DTU Kemi
Thomas Blume Head of Laboratory Maersk Oil
Thomas Jørgensen Senior Researcher DTU
Thomas K. Hansen Senior Laboratory Technologist Maersk Oil
Tobias Friis PhD Student DTU Civil Engineering
Tobias Gram Mr. GEUS
Tobias Ritschel Mr. Technical University of Denmark
Tor Eskildsen Master Student Aarhus University
Torsten Hundebøl Hansen Student Aarhus Universitet
Torsten Stilling Research Assistant DTU KT
Troels Albrechtsen Senior Vice President Maersk Oil
Ulla Hoffmann Programme Manager DHRTC
Vural Sander Suicmez Lead Reservoir Engineer Maersk Oil
Wei Yan Associate Professor DTU Chemistry
Xiaodong Liang Assistant Professor DTU CERE/KT
Yan Yang PostDoc. DHRTC/ MEK
Ying Qu Smart Spider Aalborg Universitet
Yun Bai DHRTC Technology Conference 2017 DTU Chemistry
Zhenyu Yang Associate Professor Aalborg University

Organizer Contact Information

Centre for Oil and Gas